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Herstory 101: An Extremely Brief Autobiography of Char Perlas

Char Perlas, the new co-advisor for PASA, was originally born in San Francisco, CA. She was raised in Terra Linda and attended Terra Linda High School for two years then transferred to San Rafael High School where she barely graduated in1989. After receiving her diploma, she continued her education at College of Marin and was fortunate enough to transfer to UC, Santa Barbara at the age of 21. Due to a change of major and much needed change of environment, Char decided to transfer to Fresno State, home of the Bulldogs. At Fresno, Char was able to obtain a memorable college experience, life long friends, and, much to her parents surprise, graduated with honors and received her BS in Psychology in 1996. After graduating, Char decided to take a one year break. She rented an apartment in Marin and worked as a waitress at Half Day Cafe. Although the money was EXTREMELY good, Char knew that her main goal was to obtain a master's degree in counseling. So, in 1997, Char was accepted to CSU, Sacramento where she received her Master's in Counseling in 1999. At CSUS, Char worked as an academic advisor and assistant to the Summer Bridge Coordinator in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). Through EOP, Char was given the opportunity to teach a learning skills course to 1st time freshmen. Her experience landed her a full time EOP Counseling position at WONDERFUL CSU, Hayward and a part-time counseling job at Mission College. Char is also a participant in the following associations: PASA (of course), Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, American Counseling Association and the California Association of Counseling and Development. When not at work, Char can be found snowboarding in the spectacular lake tahoe mountains or wakeboarding in magnificent folsom lake. THE END So that's my life hasn't been perfect and I've encountered a lot of difficulties throughout my college career but, that's another story.....Actually, it's a soap opera. (how do you think I got into counseling?) I look forward to becoming a more active member in PASA and, on that note, I would like to leave you with a couple of quotes that I hope will inspire you as they did me!

"Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life, rather by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed." -Booker T. Washington

"Envision your goal, look toward your destination and believe in yourself!" (tips on living and landing 360's on a snowboard) -Char Perlas :0P

poetry By Alan M. Lake

I feel lost in your eyes almost as though I have experienced an instant demise a silent glow You have taken a glimpse of my profound soul twisted my indelible reality lifted the strife trapped within my mentality curtailed this manifested misery brought before me after all these years of agony your love has given me a second chance washed away these emotions through our romance I have searched around the world a dozen times however, I have been detoured by a few misleading signs This strenuous journey can now come to an end revitalize the life that I have lost through my whim I will try not to lose your love through lust engulfed in sin And so, I will protect our fidelity embraced at the dawn of this new century Can it be that I have found the second half of me? A lost soul drifting at the edge of this fast paced society.

*City Beach Night*

City Beach Night Recap by Paul Belena

For those of you didn't make it to City Beach Night, I gotz to tell you, it was cool. I've never been there myself so I didn't really know what it was. City Beach is an old wherehouse converted into some sort of fitness gym with pool tables, rock climbing, ping pong and volleyball. They got like six volleyball courts and one regulation sand court. All the peeps that made it played pool or ping pong while we waited for our turn to use the sand volleyball court. But we became impatient so we decided to use one of the regular courts instead. What was cool was, we had enough peeps to form two teams of about seven players. I'm not a good volleyball player myself but I was just out there to have fun, and thats what basically everyone did, was have fun. Everyone got so competitive that we even played about four games. After we were done playing and clowning around, we called it a night and headed out for some fine American cuisine...............uhh actually it was In and Out Burger. But all in all, it was a fun night for the members to hang out on a Friday night together and play some Volleyball.


JOIN PCN! Joining PCN is a cool way to exercise - not just your body, but your mind as well. There are various aspects of Pilipino Culture Night you can partake in. The most important component of PCN is the committees, which are starting NOW! Anyone can become a part of a PCN committee, or more than one if desired. Here is a run-down of the committees you can sign up for: <click here for details>

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