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Josie Alvite, PCN Co-Coordinator
Ellen Marzan, PCN Co-Coordinator
Deborah A. Dorffi, PCN CO-Coordinator

What's your New Year's resolution? Whether it's to get in shape, stay in school or exercise your artistic and creative side, there is one answer - JOIN PCN! Joining PCN is a cool way to exercise - not just your body, but your mind as well. There are various aspects of Pilipino Culture Night you can partake in. The most important component of PCN is the committees, which are starting NOW! Anyone can become a part of a PCN committee, or more than one if desired. Here is a run-down of the committees you can sign up for:

Costumes/Props: committee members will design, construct, purchase and maintain all costumes and props for PCN

Script: committee members will create and write the script and help direct the scenes for PCN; those who sign up for Theatre 3180 will also receive 2 units toward General Education requirements

Program: committee members will design and create the official program for PCN; members will write bios and take pictures of PCN participants

Sponsorships: committee members will solicit donations from business, campus and family resources; face-to-face meetings are emphasized

Fundraising/Vendors: committee members will create and lead events to raise funds for PCN; members will also work with sponsorship committee to provide vendors for the show dates

Raffle Tickets: committee members will sell raffle tickets to help raise funds for PCN; members will also request donations as prizes for the raffles on the show dates

Show Tickets: committee members are responsible for the advance sales of show tickets; members will also be responsible for working with PASA Treasurer in handling large amounts of money.

Promotion: committee members will promote PCN to various campuses, including CSUH; members will also schedule events such as performances on the Agora Stage and will also table during lunch hours on campus

Publicity: committee members will design, construct, post and distribute advertising paraphernalia to surrounding community; publicity items include flyers, banners, emails, letters, invitations, etc.

Reception: committee members will plan and carry out the official reception following the final night of PCN; members will organize food, decorations and activities for both the reception and intermission of PCN

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