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Spring 2000 Syllabus

III. GRADING: To pass this course, you must satifactorily complete the requirements as stated by the instuctors and coordinators. Grades are determined as follows:

Assignments (content, organization) 25%

Class Participation (Attendance, effort & enthusiam) 40%

Dress Rehearsals (Efficiency) 20%

Final 15%

Tardiness and absenceswill affect your grade.

OPtional: It is strongly encourages that you attempt to particpate in as many outside activities such as fundrasing, ticket sales, helping in committees, etc.


SKITS: Students acting in PCN must attend the scheduled class every Tuesday and Thursday in Robinson Hall (RO) 0137 from 4-5:50pm (Unless otherwise indicated)

DANCES: Students participateing as dancers in PCN need only attend the rehearsals/classes in which their dance is scheduled, unless otherwise indicated (see calendar). Dance rehearsals are scheduled Tuesdays through Thursdays.

Also note that signing up for a dnace does not quarantee you a spot on the roster. All spots are tentative until placements have been made permanent; continual and punctual attendance to practice is necessary to keep your spot. In the event that ther are too many people trying out fora particular dance, Auditions will be held in order to determine who will receive a spot.

TECH CREW: Students participatinf as part of tech crew will meet during times arranges with Professor Ed Wright and must also attend the scheduled class every Tuesday and Thursday in Robinson Hall (RO)0137 from 4-5:50pm (Unless otherwise indicated.)

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